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Monday, August 07, 2006

A salaam aleikom

I just started reading No God But God:Origins, Evolution, and Future of IslamThe The by Reza Aslan. This book is truly amazing. I learned a little bit about Islam during my worlds religion class but just the basics. This book truly delves into the problems facing modern Islam as well as the very important history which divideds the more moderate Shi'a and the "orthodox" in a sense Sunni groups. The writing is incredibly bright and gripping. I always have a problem reading non-fiction books like the ones assigned in school. I think that those huge art history books really ruined it for me, and now I'm affraid to get into Diane Arbus: A Biography given to me by my grandfather because I am so affraid I will hate it simply because it is non-fiction. But the writing in this book keeps me wanting more. I am also deeply impressed by the knowledge of such a young person. If you are interested in this book or in Reza himself, check out this interview about his book on Fresh Air with Terry Gross which gives you a preview of the book amongst other things.

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