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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Craft Collective!

i am in the process of building the online store for what i am calling the "The Craft Collective" if you are interested, please send me a picture of yourself, along with a bio to my email address: i am going to build the site with sections according to the person who made the products. this may change if this gets really popular and there are a lot of different people contributing. we will see.

also: if you have a band or you make tshirts or have ANYTHING worth selling, please contact me, i would love to include you. if you have a website, i would like to also cross promote so we can exchange banners if you are interested.

the launch date for the new site is going to be march 1. i will need pictures and prices of all of your products by then. you can keep your products where you are or you can bring them by my house were i am setting up a little stock room closet. :)

email me also if you want to be a part of the mailing list. thanks!


thank youuuu!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

itty bitty!

this is my new favorite picture.
i took it tonight when j.w. was using his book light.
i think its adorable.

bike tote

okay.. i finished another skull tote. this one is red..

and then this is the new one..

its hott pink altho it looks kinda red from the picture.

the next one is of guadalupe and the other has cowgirls on it! im trying to make one of each first and then i will continue to make duplicates after that.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


first tote down!
i got my fabric the other day from and starting sewing my totes! i first started with the dia de los muertos fabric. its adorable!
i dont have a sewing machine yet (im buying one within the week, its a mini one from sears and its PINK!) so i did the first one by hand. i am going to add some red trim to the top of the bag to hide my terrible stitches but the ones after this are going to be machine done so it will look fine. this is basically a prototype. i'm also going to add some gold glitter around the edges of the skulls for a little sparkle.

on to the next one!

Monday, January 02, 2006

the mules

ive been really into my canon 10d lately. ive also really been into the photo filter option in photoshop cs which i just got. so i can shoot in my house and then just add the 80b or 82 filter to the pictures. so i took a picture of the animals just for fun. yayaya animules!

mateo hangin on the bed.

reilly is a zen buddhist. (just in case you didn't know)

pipkin likes to get into things he shouldn't be in. all the time.