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Friday, February 23, 2007

...and we have winner

After a few weeks of research and a ton of test drives, I've decided on a new car. A 2007 Mini Cooper!!! The '07 is completely redesigned (the first time since they came out). This car is so smart that I can't believe its actually a car!! My phone somehow (well, via bluetooth) is connected to my car which mutes my music and rings out of the speaker if someone is calling me with the phone number showing up on my screen and the accept call on my steering wheel. The car also tells me how many miles until I need to get gas, if I have a flat tire (wtf?!), when its time to bring my car in for service and it also has a place to my iPod in the glove box where its hidden away. All the controls from artists to playlists are controlled from the little computer or steering wheel. Who thinks of these things? I am so amazed that things like this exist and better yet, that I have the opportunity to take advantage of it. I am going to the dealership to sign my life away (along with my first born) and in a few days, I will have my adult go-kart. And to my baby Jetta, I will miss you so! We have been through so much together and you are like a disfunctional part of my family. Haha! I'll miss you little vdub.
If you are in the market for a new car seriously think about getting a Mini. They get 37mpg! For a non hybrid, thats pretty damn good. If you aren't just go to the website, no really, do it! Building your own Mini Cooper is like being a kid in a candy shop.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

shes my ray of...

So I am getting sick again and it sucks. I had a crappy cold two weeks ago and I visited my dad and it seems like he had the same thing I had and has somehow passed it back to me. Gee, thanks dad. Along with being sick, I am completely backed up in my work log and I have a million craft projects started and a bunch to start and complete but the office is a mess and its so time to get organized. I REALLY don't want to get sick sick again and I really want to get organized. But instead, I am going to attempt to watch Little Miss Sunshine without puking from its over-the-top indie quarkiness. Who knows, I might actually like it. I do like Steve Carell.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bill, Please.

Anna Nicole Smith died today. Of course its been all over the news. I'm sure you already know this. I watch the O'Reilly Factor from time to time to listen to the nonsense that this idiot spouts nightly. While I waited for J.W. to join me to watch The Daily Show, I put on the "factor" to see what ridiculousness was going to be featured on the show this evening. The topic of course was the death of Anna Nicole. Bill spent most of the time berating her lifestyle, celebrity status and stating over and over again about how little he cared about her or her life. Since I didn't have my reporter pad in front of me, I'll summarize. Apparently, Mr. O'Reilly felt as though she had no place being in the public eye. That her lifestyle and choice were amoral and her death was neither a surprise or something we as the public, should care little about. Then why is it, O'Reilly, that you felt the need to spend over 75% of your hour long talk show devoted to her life, death and drug use? And as his guest pointed out, Bill certainly knew a lot about someone he really had no interest in at all. I am not one for glossing over the truth or reality of a persons life after death. Many people tend to make the recently dead into something they were not, hoping their memory will be preserved in a better and cleaner fashion than the life they led. I do not, however, find it acceptable to totally bash someones life and choices on national television not even 24 hours after their passing. I am not a huge Anna Nicole Smith fan but her life seemed incredibly tragic and sad. I do not see her death as a surprise but the loss of a life so young with a brand new child is never an easy thing. I will also say I am NOT a fan of Bill O'Reilly's (if that wasn't already obvious from the above statements). I find him incredibly crass and tactless. Clearly he stood up to both of those lovely traits this evening. Congrats!

As for Anna, I think I'll go out and buy some fresh pickles and enjoy them in her memory ;)

Friday, February 02, 2007

whats (really) wrong with me.

It's more than obvious that I haven't been blogging lately. I also haven't been crafting or going out or spending much time online. I think I've said before how I like to keep things light and fun on my blog instead of highly personal and journal-like. That just is not me. However, after 2 years of chronic pain, I have finally gotten a diagnosis that actually makes sense. It is no secret that I have S.A.D. and that winter makes me miserable and i find winter itself miserable. I am not one to be depressed tho. It's just a lack of sunshine that makes me so sad. A bit poetic don't you think? Nonetheless, I usually spend all winter crafting, knitting, and working on my photo portfolio and my yearly website update. This year is different though. The pain has become so overwhelming that regardless of how excited I am by my numerous projects, my poor back just won't allow me to do the things I would like to do. I have everything I need to complete this quilt (this one was made by someone I found on flickr) but my back will simply not allow me to sit in front of my sewing machine for that long. So, what the hell is actually wrong with me? It's odd, random, and makes a ton of sense. Most likely, you've never heard of it before.

To put it simply, I have arthritis. But you know, not your typical type. NOPE! I have one of the more rare forms. Psoratic Arthritis. Most people know what psoriasis is. Psoriasis is a skin condition that makes you look like a red scaly dinosaur. I however, have a mild mild form which is only on my elbow and is very receptive to topical treatment. Thank god, I am a little too vein to have something horrid like that be out of control. So for those of you that know me well, know there is nothing wrong with my hands or feet or knees. Then how is it that I have arthritis?! Well here's how. It's in my spine. Yeah... spine. Is it degenerative? It can be. They don't know about mine yet though. What does that mean for me long term? Well, my joints could fall to bits and I could end up getting unsuccessful back surgery. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. What the hell is this anyway? I'll tell you. I have Spondylitis, a form of PA that is the pretty rare and often times misdiagnosed as simply back pain since in order to be diagnosed with this type of PA, you do not have to have pain or swelling in the joints in your hands. Many lazy doctors who do not want to put any effort into trying to figure out a difficult diagnosis often chalk it up to fibromyalgia. It's a bucket diagnosis and requires few tests and hype new drugs that most likely paid for doctors trips to various golf courses. But hey, these drugs are safe right? But back to the point. What is spondylitis?

"Spondylitis is inflammation of the the spinal column. In about 5 percent of individuals with psoriatic arthritis, spondylitis is the predominant symptom. Inflammation with stiffness of the neck, lower back, sacroiliac or spinal vertebrae are common symptoms in a larger number of patients, making motion painful and difficult. Peripheral disease can be present in the hands, arms, hips, legs and feet."

Yup, its real. I plan on writing a letter to that primary care doctor of mine. The one I saw in Nov '05 that looked at me and told me that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was lying about my pain. He made me cry and also made me feel like maybe I was crazy and the pain wasn't real. Screaming at him made no difference. Please take a few seconds and read this article that Teri left for me on my It is heart breaking (and not to mention long) But the end is terribly sad. Please be aware that those with chronic pain suffer more than you know.

I miss you all. I'm not hiding on purpose.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Here in my car.

Okay, I have a lot to catch up on. One, I'm looking to buy a new car although my parents said it makes more sense to drive it into the ground first (how's that AWESOME yellow porche doing dad?) Okay... I'm a bit of a car freak. I am also a bit of a German car freak. I wonder where I got that from. In particular, I love Volkswagens, new and old. Oh yeah, and the occasional BMW. But let's face it. The little VW is the car of the people (no, literally). So let's just focus on that. Two cars. Two obsessions.

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
"The Karmann Ghia was a two-seater sports car marketed by Volkswagen, designed by the Italian firm Ghia, and built by German coach builder Karmann. Over 445,000 Karmann Ghias were produced between 1955 and 1974" oh and pretty much British spy car and sex on wheels. I have been eBay searching and looking at various VW enthusiasts websites to find the perfect one. But let's be honest, does someone like me need this completely adorable but yet probably totally unsafe death machine? Okay so it is probably not a death machine but buying a vintage restored car isn't always smart economically. Maybe when I am in a position to have more than one car I'll buy a fully restored, low mileage, and automatic transmission gem of a car. Even though the mere thought of having two cars is kind of absurd.

Volkswagen 2007 GTI
Named Automobile Magazine's 2007 Car of The Year, the newly redesigned GTI is sexy, sleek and so fast you'll be surprised your not driving a $90,000 + super sports car. The GTI
has long been the #1 street racing car for those who love to do so. I, am not a street racer nor would I ever become one but I will say I do enjoy my German engineering and a car that hauls and hugs the road and takes those turns like its nothing. You can add an iPod adaptor to your package, touch screen navigation, steering wheel hand controls and not to mention the interior is a hott plaid fabric. Oh and the grill is a contrasting red color (I want the "Candy White" by the way). Did I mention that I did a test drive of this car in July? I still can't stop thinking about it. I don't think its normal to get so excited about something as simple as a car but hey, you haven't driven one have you?! Well go to your local Volkswagen dealership, pretend like you have the money to buy one and drive the shit out of it. No, really... do it. It's worth it.

In conclusion, I have no money, my car is falling apart and my love and obsession for the two above cars is making my head spin. Yeah.