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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

people are strange

i always find it so interesting when people dont like to share their contact sheets. i was thinking about this the other day when my little brother didnt want to tell me what his short film for school was about. he was in the middle of the "process" and would rather me just see the final product. i also went to school with some people that would freak if you looked at their contact sheets in the bath or after it came out of the machine. someone actually yelled at me once. why are people so scared to share there work before its done? i love my contact sheets. here is one of them...


i took these polaroids in cuenca, a small town in castilla la mancha. i have a whole box full of polaroids left from spain to scan... eventually.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

barcelona: the streets

these are some of the pictures i took while in barcelona.. im working on putting them into my book. we'll see...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

my best friend: in photos.

these are some pictues of my best friend kerry that i took in may at her sisters wedding. while the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready i took pictures. these pictures are some of the best pictures i have taken of her ever. she photographs so well and HATES getting her picture taken. unfortunately for her.. she had to let me get in her face this day (for her sisters sake) the results were great so i thought i would post them here. (i hope she doesnt kill me)

(this first picture is probably only funny to people that know kerry.. she went to make me a drink and instead spilled it all over the kitchen floor.. this is what makes me lover her so!)

Monday, November 14, 2005

why having a dog sucks: volume 1.

so. i have a dog. his name is mateo. hes a 2 1/2 year old american eskimo dog and cute as a button. but tonight... was a disaster. now i know i made this blog to be about i took one of this shitty experience.
a few months back, when i first got him, he developed a habit of chewing on my down comforter (while the duvet was still on it mind you...) creating huge holes in the corners of it. well... i tied up the holes to make it so the feathers wouldnt go absolutely everywhere and completely forgot about it. then last week...out of the blue, feathers started appearing out of nowwhere from inside the duvet cover. perplexed i decided to investigate and sew up those holes made by mr. mateo a few months back. well... one of my rubberbands had come completely off and as i slowly pulled the comforter out of the cover feathers flew absolutely everywhere... the entire living room floor was covered and it took us the last hour to properly clean up (thanks to the help of robot..yes thats right, we have a roomba discovery se!!)
(this is the evil guy himself)
so now im itchy, annoyed, and covered with feathers. and my poor comforter is the the trashy. welcome to the joys of having a dog...oh yeah, and he likes to chew on my underware and socks too.. and only the dirty ones. fantastic.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

re: scanning

i would like to thank my friend vanessa for pointing out the obvious to me.
putting my 120 (or 220 for that matter) negatives on my scanner and just scan them in.
it has cut down my scanning time in half.
oh yeah and i really like the way it looks! you know... like real contact sheets!

good things

recently, my former professors jack lueders-booth and jane tuckerman both put out books. the show at my former school, the art institute of boston, was amazing. the books are great too and they are on my amazon list. i'm really thrilled that they both put out such amazing work. please check out these books and support two people that i adore. check out jacks book. and jane's book at


so as i was looking online at new computers (i have a g4 laptop and color correction has become an issue for all things digital... so its looking like im gonna need a desktop)
but this is when i saw something unreal... apple has launched a new program aimed to make post production for digital photography a breeze. take a look at aperture. the software is reasonably priced ($499) and looks like its going to fix a lot of the problems i seem to be having with editing. it also would allow me to shoot raw files instead of jpegs. but there are some down falls so read the first pdn review here.

im really excited to see how this thing works. hopefully santa will love me enough to bless me with it this year haha. maybe i should start with a version of photoshop higher than 7.0... eh. both would work.

Monday, November 07, 2005

dia de los muertos pt 1.

i still havent decided if i should talk about my pictures at all here or if i should just post them and let people comment. i suppose i dont have much to say about them. maybe a comment here and there. with that said... ill post some stuff i am working on now. im redoing my portfolio and i cannot find the right balance. i know i love this picture tho. i took it in a graveyard in mexico during day of the dead. this dude was wicked drunk. it was a great time. we drank mezcal and coronitas with them on various family members graves.

this picture is one of my favorites from this year of mexico as well (2004 that is..) these boys were so serious. the picture just turned out great.

i dunno.. more later.

mexico? no.. spain!

i really adore this picture. it was taken at the end of las ramblas in barcelona. some tourist (im not sure exactly from where, but was not spanish speaking) took a picture of a group of teenagers. shes wearing a sombrero. why? im not sure.. but this picture definately looks like i took it in mexico, not spain. just really really odd... hmm.


does epson make negative holders for 120 that allow you to scan more than one image at a time?
bc im making digital contact sheets and this shit is getting old...

please help.


holy shit!

ive joined the blogging world.. we shall see how this goes.