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Sunday, November 13, 2005


so as i was looking online at new computers (i have a g4 laptop and color correction has become an issue for all things digital... so its looking like im gonna need a desktop)
but this is when i saw something unreal... apple has launched a new program aimed to make post production for digital photography a breeze. take a look at aperture. the software is reasonably priced ($499) and looks like its going to fix a lot of the problems i seem to be having with editing. it also would allow me to shoot raw files instead of jpegs. but there are some down falls so read the first pdn review here.

im really excited to see how this thing works. hopefully santa will love me enough to bless me with it this year haha. maybe i should start with a version of photoshop higher than 7.0... eh. both would work.

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