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Sunday, June 25, 2006

oh yes, another one!

so i have been a bit productive and made another tote.
it is ADORABLE if i do say so myself. the lining is a pumpkin color and while all of these style bags are reversable, i think of the colors inside as more of an accent.

the price as of now is $45. it might go up, it might go down.. depending on how much it is going to cost me in fabric in the future.

please send me an email if you are interested.

Friday, June 23, 2006

first new tote!

I just finished my first handmade tote! the pattern was great and the fabric looks really cool. this one took me around 3-4 hours or more but i have never worked with patterns before and i dont know what i am doing. BUT i suspect the next one with take no time at all. they are going to be in both green and pink and in the garden scene (shown) or pokadot with bugs (pictures to come soon) of course as always, totes can be customized with your own choice of fabric for a small charge. i have not figured out pricing for these totes yet since the first one took me so long and the fabric was expensive. please feel free to leave price ideas!

oh yeah, its reversable too! the inside is chocolate brown with white "freckles"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

not the greatest day

the good news: i got my new fabric in the mail. how exciting! its more amazing than i could have imagined. i cannot wait to create things!

the bad news: my dad ended up in the hospital and had emergency surgury because his appendix burst. he didnt do so hott with the anesthesia and spent the entire afternoon getting sick. hopefully he will be better soon.

maybe i should make some bags to keep my mind off of things :(

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

who needs totes when you have cupcakes?

i have an obesession.the buttercup bakeshop. after trying to add as many links as possible to my new account, i ran across the need for new franchises of my favorite bakery. if only i had the money, i know the perfect spot for one in newburyport!

a girl can dream tho. hey, if anyone wants a cupcake business partner, let me know!

Monday, June 19, 2006

how delicious!

after months and months i gave in and created a account.
its not much right now, but check it out. my account

ive been in a blogging mood lately. i haven't been feeling so great lately and its hot as hell out, so i figured i'd do something constructive with my time. yeah, blogging is constructive! ha! well, until i get my fabric in the mail.

speaking of fabric, toni turned me onto this great website called j caroline creative. they have some great fabric and more importantly, so basic heavy cotton canvas some i can make my own totes instead of buying pre-made ones and then lining them. (i said this yesterday didn't i?)

well, here are a few swatches of the fabric i picked out. i cant wait to start working!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

new bags, new site.

so vanessa and i are starting a new website.
we have been playing with the idea for months but i think this summer is finally the time to make it happen.
we havent cemented a name yet, but it is going to be something like needle and camera. or lens and needle or something. the idea being that we are both photographers and craft makers.

i order a few hundred dollars worth of fabric lastnight(with the help of jw of course) from reprodepoti got some rad fabrics and some of them are pretty heavy weight so i should be able to make totes from the directly instead of lining bought totes with fabric. i am also make a few dog beds. with the recent addition of azim to our household, ive had dog accessories heavily on my mind. once i get the building or regular bags under my belt, i will probably experiment with doggy bags. azim on the other hand, could care less about being in a bag so i dont know why i care either.

in PHOTOGRAPHY related not poor anymore so i think i need to go out and do some polaroiding. it is time for a little analog fun. maybe holgaroids? tho driving into cambridge to calumet just to buy holgaroid film really sounds like a waste of time to me. it will probably be just polaroid 600. but it needs to be film and it needs to be instant. i will post the results soon. maybe it will be some bike riding pictures after i pick up buckleys pinarello from the bike shop on monday. ive never ridden it before and there are no breaks.. so i need to be careful. this pinarello is very similar but blue. buckleys is red. what hott bikes!

polaroids to come... and new bags as well!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

just a little rain.

last month it rained.
our basement flooded a little.
all of the bags i made this winter were ruined with mold.

so im starting all over again...

ill be ordering a bunch of fabric from soon.
if you want a bag... let me know.