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Sunday, June 03, 2007

euro trekking: an update

i usually hate rainbows. i saw this one the other day and there was something about it that was real beautiful. joe and were walking though downtown halifax, getting drinks and saw this above the buildings. it was just too perfect. i took all these pictures with my moms little cybershot point and shoot and i couldnt be happier with the quality. okay so i know... rainbows are cheesy... but i liked this one. a lot.

in barcelona we stumbled upon this amazing yet horrifically expensive tattoo parlor. we each got bird tattoos on our wrists. mines the one with just the outline. i love it sooo much. ive wanted my wrist done for a long long time and this just was the perfect thing.

this is joe and i. we took this picture in a club in halifax. i really love it. he's my new boyfriend. yes thats right, boyfriend! he's english and he's amazing. hes moving to newburyport as soon as he can afford it. i couldn't be happier. now... who wants to help me plan a wedding? no... really!