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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

people are strange

i always find it so interesting when people dont like to share their contact sheets. i was thinking about this the other day when my little brother didnt want to tell me what his short film for school was about. he was in the middle of the "process" and would rather me just see the final product. i also went to school with some people that would freak if you looked at their contact sheets in the bath or after it came out of the machine. someone actually yelled at me once. why are people so scared to share there work before its done? i love my contact sheets. here is one of them...


vanessa.e. said...

you totally did get yelled at! i remember!

Anonymous said...

i think you are strange.
looking at people's contact sheets is like tasting a cake while it's still in the oven.

wait until it's ready and it will be fine for all of us.