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Monday, November 14, 2005

why having a dog sucks: volume 1.

so. i have a dog. his name is mateo. hes a 2 1/2 year old american eskimo dog and cute as a button. but tonight... was a disaster. now i know i made this blog to be about i took one of this shitty experience.
a few months back, when i first got him, he developed a habit of chewing on my down comforter (while the duvet was still on it mind you...) creating huge holes in the corners of it. well... i tied up the holes to make it so the feathers wouldnt go absolutely everywhere and completely forgot about it. then last week...out of the blue, feathers started appearing out of nowwhere from inside the duvet cover. perplexed i decided to investigate and sew up those holes made by mr. mateo a few months back. well... one of my rubberbands had come completely off and as i slowly pulled the comforter out of the cover feathers flew absolutely everywhere... the entire living room floor was covered and it took us the last hour to properly clean up (thanks to the help of robot..yes thats right, we have a roomba discovery se!!)
(this is the evil guy himself)
so now im itchy, annoyed, and covered with feathers. and my poor comforter is the the trashy. welcome to the joys of having a dog...oh yeah, and he likes to chew on my underware and socks too.. and only the dirty ones. fantastic.

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