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Friday, February 23, 2007

...and we have winner

After a few weeks of research and a ton of test drives, I've decided on a new car. A 2007 Mini Cooper!!! The '07 is completely redesigned (the first time since they came out). This car is so smart that I can't believe its actually a car!! My phone somehow (well, via bluetooth) is connected to my car which mutes my music and rings out of the speaker if someone is calling me with the phone number showing up on my screen and the accept call on my steering wheel. The car also tells me how many miles until I need to get gas, if I have a flat tire (wtf?!), when its time to bring my car in for service and it also has a place to my iPod in the glove box where its hidden away. All the controls from artists to playlists are controlled from the little computer or steering wheel. Who thinks of these things? I am so amazed that things like this exist and better yet, that I have the opportunity to take advantage of it. I am going to the dealership to sign my life away (along with my first born) and in a few days, I will have my adult go-kart. And to my baby Jetta, I will miss you so! We have been through so much together and you are like a disfunctional part of my family. Haha! I'll miss you little vdub.
If you are in the market for a new car seriously think about getting a Mini. They get 37mpg! For a non hybrid, thats pretty damn good. If you aren't just go to the website, no really, do it! Building your own Mini Cooper is like being a kid in a candy shop.


vanessa.e. said...

my car tells me when i have a flat tire too. one half on the tire becomes completely ...flat!

haha just kidding. i am happy for you and your new auto. sounds like you could drive it to outerspace and back.

Anonymous said...

Sweet new car!

rachel said...

haha yes it is like a space ship. i ended up getting "chili pepper red" which seems right for me. mexico follows me whereever i go i guess. haha. it even has a red dashboard!! how weird is that? vanessa, you have to come up and we will take a spin and then do some awesome projects. or better yet, ill come visit you! as soon as i get it (maybe tomorrow?) i am going to want to drive it EVERYWHERE!