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Monday, March 05, 2007

Mexico: One Adventure at a Time

So I have a slight obsession. His name is Rick Bayless. I have a series recording of his show "Mexico One Plate at a Time" and love his frozen pizzas which are inspired by the tastes and smells of Oaxaca. Why do I adore Rick so much? Well, WHERE DO I START? I think JW put it best when he said "Wow, he really is the only other person besides you that is that obsessed with Mexico" Hmm... Maybe so. I have contemplated going to Chicago to visit my best friend Kerry with the real plan of going to both of his restaurants. That website right there gave me some of the best suggestions on places to try in Oaxaca and even convinced me to suck it up and brave the consequences and try agua fresca. On my quest to find out all things about Rick and his culinary obsession with Mexico, I found out that he does culinary tours of Mexico. WHAT?! The man who lived in Oaxaca and inspired me to cook Mexican (everyday) is giving a culinary tour of Mexico in September. Wasn't I suppose to go to Oaxaca for Dia de Los Muertos in November for a reunion? OH YEAH.... Who says I can't do both? This year has been pretty lucrative so far. But lets just see what this magical trip in tales!!!


Experience the culinary and cultural riches of Central Mexico, from the magnificent colonial city of Puebla to the high energy � and art and culinary landscape � of Mexico City. The emphasis of this trip is on the foods of Mexico City, Tlaxcala, and the surrounding areas. It promises to be a unique and exciting opportunity to explore these culinary traditions �on location� in the culture and subcultures in which they evolved. The food found today in Mexico City still reflects its origins; enormous varieties of the centuries-old masa snacks can be found in the city�s markets and from street vendors. Then there are the traditional dishes, such as moles and pipianes, as well as the exciting dishes that are being created by chefs using traditional Mexican ingredients in new ways.

Discover these riches with chef, author, and PBS series host Rick Bayless, one of America's foremost practitioners of Mexican cooking. This program is limited to culinary professionals only.

WHAT?! Okay, I can make a mean guacamole and so pretty good Mexican got chocolate, but I'm a photographer, not a chef. But I emailed the woman who sets these things up and you know what, there might just be a spot for me on the trip after all. This may be my very first time traveling on my own UNLESS SOMEONE WANTS TO COME WITH ME!!!!

Check out the info here, and come with me!!!


Anonymous said...


The day that you wrote of your obsession with Rick Bayless was the first day in a week that my body was once again functioning normally after picking up a bad case of food poisoning at his Frontera Grill in Chicago. I've never been so sick in my life. I know that he did not prepare the food, but I've never been so sick in my life! Ironically, a few days after my ill-fated trip to Frontera, and while I was still recovering, I was in Cozumel for a day. I didn't eat a thing! I may never eat Mexican food again! ~Scott

rachel said...

Scott, thats awful! ive actually never gotten sick from a restaurant before. i did get sick once in mexico tho but thats out of 4 trips! dont be discouraged! mexican food is amazing.