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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

P.L.O.? maybe

I've gotten some flak for sporting my very favorite scarf called a shemagh (or keffiyeh) over the past several months. Since it's summer, I'm not really wearing it much, tho it is meant for the hot desert weather and to prevent sand in the face. it is wearable in both hot and cold weather. It's huge and bulky and suprisingly incredbily warm and cozy during the winter months. And hey, it looks cool so why not right? I first saw some young european travelers wearing them in the spring of '05 in Barcelona. I had never seen them worn in a fashionable way before and was struck by the idea. And apparently im not the only one! I've seen various finnish youngins sporting them on as well. It seems to be quite popular with the kids in europe and now I guess with the grossters in billyburg too. Maybe I should be sensitive about where I wear my symbolic scarf. You should have seen the looks i got as I shopped at Trader Joe's on Brookline ave. I know what they were thinking. Is it true? Hmm.. maybe. I have sorted views about the conflict between Palestine and Israel and tend to lean toward the injustice done to palestines. My views are most similar to and heavily influenced by Noam Chomsky who I think is brilliant and zionist think is anti-semitic (even tho he's jewish. hmm...). So for now, I'm sticking with style over political protest. That chick did, right?

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