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Monday, August 07, 2006


I had a friend that was quite the extremist. I can't really deal with radicalism of any form, be it liberal or conservative or what have you.... But this article makes me sick. During the entire war between Hezbollah and Israel, Israelis and Jewish Americans have made a huge deal over how all these deaths were staged, 600 people were not really killed al-Reuters is reporting it wrong. If you notice, the only new organizations that focus on these radical views are Jewish ones, not non bias groups like the BBC. This is the BBC article this is what the Israeli insider thinks "really happened". I really don't want to say who is wrong or right but Israel's handling of the entire war has been gross. This blog examines "some" of the photographs taken while bodies were removed from the rubble. While some appear "staged" it seems to me the more important point would be to show how the conflict is really affecting the people who have to live through these bombings. Is a dead body held up? Yes. Does it make for a better shot. Yes. Death is real. And showing it by showing a limp body, I don't think is so unprofessional. Come to your own conclusions tho. View the "evidence" here. But let's not also forget the really wonderful gift summer camp children in Israel have given to the Lebanese. Nothing personal right?

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