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Monday, August 07, 2006

the death of izone.

i was recently at walmart (don't ask, i hate that place...) and noticed that all izone film was 50% off. WHAT?! 3 packs for 5 bucks? no way. yes way. and i guess polaroid is discontinuing its line. why? because digital sucks. izones make perfect, cute, and memories that are pocket sized and often times come with a sticky back. i like to use mine to make cards. but as for the sale.. is stacked up. and instead of bring my bulky digital with me to my friends going away party i brought my tiny little izone, complete with a wrist strap that matche pefectly with that of the strap on my tangerine epi leather clutch. here is the product of that evening. there should be one of abby housing someone instead of just chugging that beer. too bad!

1 comment:

vanessa.e. said...

that should be called the rebirth of izone! you have revitalized it, party style!!

where are you? the silhouette? i'm jealous!