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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

For fall: the rain boot.

On my search for the perfect army green rainboots, I found three different choices, all of them cute and big price gaps between them. I thought I would do what most fashion magazines do and make a list, featuring one style of boot in three different price ranges. Here we goooooo..

On the cheap: I'm a huge fan of l.l. bean. There is something so classic new England about them tho, I probably wouldn't buy my wardrobe from there I would buy a camo tote bag OR a classic pair of dark green wellies. These L.L.bean classic wellies have an adjustable strap on calf for a perfect fit and the price couldn't be better at $49.50

The classic: Hunter's is the original wellie and made in Scotland. It has that English countryside vibe because yes, that's what they were originally made for. They also come in 9 colors including light pink, yellow, powder blue, pumpkin and of course the "classic green". They also have an adjustable calf strap on the side for the perfect fit and the very cute, hunters label right on the front. The best thing about these boots? You can buy wellies warmers for inside that coordinate with all the colors the boots come in that make these boots a great transition from rainy autumn days into cold and stormy winter days. You can get them at for $98.00. The warmers are $30.00.

Go for broke: my favorite designer Marc Jacobs has done it again with these amazing forest green wellies. While they don't have the adjustable calf strap that the other two do, these look a little more form fitting and I'm sure, fashionable, then the two listed above. This pair also has a slight sheen to them that set them apart as well as a little black tag on the side that says "Marc by Marc Jacobs" in white writing. At $154.00, these aren't outrageously priced but a little steep for a pair of rain boots. Regardless, they are adorable. Available at

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