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Monday, December 11, 2006


My office is a mess. Well, my office really isn't much of an office anymore. We are in the process of putting the bed back together and swapping the office for the guestroom. As soon as that's done... I PROMISE that I'm going to redo my website. Its been over a year since I did any work on it and this is just unacceptable. I just saw Ferris Caldwell's new website (thanks to Abby) and found it truly inspiring. In case you didn't know, the amazing Ferris went to AIB and graduated from the same program I did. Not that I got the same thing out of it, ha! I have so many negatives to scan and many new design projects to upload. Changing the name of my site my help people remember it too. But, since my computer was stolen and the entire website was on that computer, it is time time to start from scratch anyway... so no time like the present.

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vanessa.e. said...

i was just looking at your deliscious and i want to get someone cute stationary for christmas... where are your favorite places to find that stuff? thank you shopping companion!