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Saturday, December 02, 2006


I just had the biggest "duh" moment. After the mess below (my film was ruined - fuck you Hunts!) and the only reason I used it to begin with was because Campus "mediocre" Camera closed months ago and that was my place to get all film developed. Sure, there was dust on my film now and then but besides that it was good old reliable. Well that and I could literally run out the door from my school to their store during break and pick up my film just in time for the printing part of our class as if I had it all along. YOU KNOW YOU'VE ALL DONE IT AIB-ERS! So I googled them and yeah, there is a location right near South Station. So go to Colortek and support a great lab (even if the parking is a total hassle)


vanessa.e. said...

colortek is at south station and on newbury street too, right? you can visit that one and get some shopping done as well! woohoo.

vanessa.e. said...

oh, and spectrum waaaay down past south station is good too.

rachel said...

spectrum i think is closed! can you believe it? and so it the colortek on newbury!

vanessa.e. said...

thats a bummer. wow i guess i have been away longer than i thought... i can see how you'd end up going to hunts!