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Monday, September 18, 2006

Spotted: paper denim and cloth

Okay okay, all i have been doing lately is posting about fall fashion. I get it, I'll shut it soon. For the last few weeks I've been scowering the internet for the fall collection of Paper Denim & Cloth and found that not one single website that previously carried the brand is carrying them now. Shopbop, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Barney's etc all stopped carrying the line after the summer collection. These jeans are my absolute favorite and when I can afford them, I spend the ridiculous amount of money for what I think is, the best pair of jeans money can buy. After weeks of looking I started thinking that this was the end of PD&C, until Saturday. I was at the Burlington Mall and walked through Macy's I looked through some of the cute stuff they had like the fall Free People collection and found myself in front of a rack of my favorite jeans. The best part was, the revamped PD&C styles are more than $100 less than any of their previous styles. The have slashed their prices and all their jeans now will be two prices $88.00 and $98.00. I was blown away that now I could afford (well, sort of) my favorite jeans. These new lower priced styles did not seem nearly as high quality as the older, more expensive styles but the cuts are still excellent. When I get the $88, I hope the quality is what I have come to love and adore about these simple jeans. Time will tell, no?

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