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Friday, September 22, 2006

its fall!

I would like to report that it is now offically fall. I am trying hard not to go to target and spend tons of money on their halloween decorations now that I have a house to decorate. They always run out super early but I always do things last minute so I should probably go in a week or two and try not to spend too much. My mom being an art school drop out, always made sure to decorate the house to the 9's. We always had scary music, spider webs, an outline of a witch in the top window etc etc... So my natural feeling is to go all out. I have to remember however, I do not have $300 for decorations, but $300 total. Hahaha. Another fall obsession is my favorite apple farm, Cider Hill Farms in Amesbury, MA. They have the worlds best cider and apple cider donuts. In case you aren't from New England (or you live in a cave) an apple cider donut is a donut made with a spicy cider tasting dough and they are either plain or rolled hot in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. At Cider Hill, their donuts are so popluar that during the fall months people stand in line and wait for them to come hot off the line and the soft and still warm donuts melt in your mouth. They are truly a fall tradition for me. The farm itself is also pretty amazing. You can take a hay cart up the hill to go pick apple or simply pick up a bunch in the shop. They also have pies and other baked goods and fruits and vegtables. I just hope you all can enjoy it as much as I do. My list of cute halloween decorations is to the side of this blog. Kaboodble is such a great way to keep track of all the cute things you want to buy.

PS: I just lost 12lbs. What?!

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vanessa.e. said...

mmmm donuts.