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Sunday, June 18, 2006

new bags, new site.

so vanessa and i are starting a new website.
we have been playing with the idea for months but i think this summer is finally the time to make it happen.
we havent cemented a name yet, but it is going to be something like needle and camera. or lens and needle or something. the idea being that we are both photographers and craft makers.

i order a few hundred dollars worth of fabric lastnight(with the help of jw of course) from reprodepoti got some rad fabrics and some of them are pretty heavy weight so i should be able to make totes from the directly instead of lining bought totes with fabric. i am also make a few dog beds. with the recent addition of azim to our household, ive had dog accessories heavily on my mind. once i get the building or regular bags under my belt, i will probably experiment with doggy bags. azim on the other hand, could care less about being in a bag so i dont know why i care either.

in PHOTOGRAPHY related not poor anymore so i think i need to go out and do some polaroiding. it is time for a little analog fun. maybe holgaroids? tho driving into cambridge to calumet just to buy holgaroid film really sounds like a waste of time to me. it will probably be just polaroid 600. but it needs to be film and it needs to be instant. i will post the results soon. maybe it will be some bike riding pictures after i pick up buckleys pinarello from the bike shop on monday. ive never ridden it before and there are no breaks.. so i need to be careful. this pinarello is very similar but blue. buckleys is red. what hott bikes!

polaroids to come... and new bags as well!!

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i like do you? i also like because, well, we are. and we are from boston...