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Monday, June 19, 2006

how delicious!

after months and months i gave in and created a account.
its not much right now, but check it out. my account

ive been in a blogging mood lately. i haven't been feeling so great lately and its hot as hell out, so i figured i'd do something constructive with my time. yeah, blogging is constructive! ha! well, until i get my fabric in the mail.

speaking of fabric, toni turned me onto this great website called j caroline creative. they have some great fabric and more importantly, so basic heavy cotton canvas some i can make my own totes instead of buying pre-made ones and then lining them. (i said this yesterday didn't i?)

well, here are a few swatches of the fabric i picked out. i cant wait to start working!

1 comment:

vanessa.e. said...

ok, i don't know anything about this stuff. turn me on to it. i don't get it???

have you thought about creating an etsy shop before we get our website up and running? i am considering it. maybe it will start me with some funding! v