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Monday, October 30, 2006

A goodbye party for Mike

On Saturday night my friend Mike had a going away celebration at the Hotel Commonwealth's Eastern Standard Apparently, its a bit of an after work hang out for people working in the restaurants business. My friend Mike is leaving behind a lovely job at No. 9 Park, one of my favorite restaurants in Boston (Barbara, your a genius!). So I started of the night with a lovely glass of Cava which has become one of my favorite drinks as of late. I got a little curious when my glass just continued to be refilled without my knowing. I joked and said, I really hope he didn't think I ordered the entire bottle! As the night continued I learned that the sous chef was the boyfriend of the bartender at No. 9 Park and that we were most likely in for a night of treats. The kitchen sent us out what I'd like to think were little tapas (as they were little bites) of maple flavored bratwurst and chrizo in cider (btw, this is my favorite meat dish of all times so yes, I literally jumped up and down as the little pieces were passed out.) Then then came to our table with three huge plates of oysters on a half shell for our party. I was in shock! I have become obsessed with raw oysters lately and theirs happen to be amazing and super fresh. Along with our lovely little bites we got a number of lovely shots that were divine!! The night was one of the best nights out I have had in the longest time and I would like to thank the lovely staff of Eastern Standard for making Mike's going away party to the west coast an amazing one. I am going to miss Mike so much (my friend of 10 years!) but it will be one hell of a time when I go visit him in SF and drag him to Napa for tour of the vineyards and so much good food our bellies will burst.

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