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Thursday, October 05, 2006

the first chilly night.

It's finally cold enough outside to truly feel like fall. It's also October and every night til halloween, there is an amazing movie on at 8pm on the Disney Channel. We just had our chimney's serviced and cleaned and have the OK to use the one upstairs as it has not been used in at least 6 years. I was told it was my job to make the fire (a test if you will) It started out okay and then I ruined it and J.W. had to step in and salvage the embers. The results were so pretty. I haven't had a working fireplace in my primary residence since my apartment in Swampscott which was almost 4 years ago now. My parents house has a fireplace in literally every room (except on here and there) and when its cold enough out, my dad takes it apon himself to have a raging fire going in the front "parlor" at all times. Last Thanksgiving myself, mateo and my family sat quietly in the parlor with chest warming red wine sitting on the floor just watching it glow. Mateo layed half asleep on the rug with his plaid coat on having his tummy gently rubbed my my dad. It was one night with my parents that wasn't so bad. So this year has come and with that a working fireplace, a house on the edge of the woods and plenty of kids to come to the house and trick or treat. I was so struck by the brillance of the fire and the smell that picked up my camera for once and took some pictures. I hope you like them as much as I do. The leaves are really starting to turn and as cheesy as it is to take autumnal photos, I want to do very little else lately.

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