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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Oaxaca, sad but true.

I was in Oaxaca in March. The city was its happy and spirted self. But since May, the city has been in a state of civil unrest because of a teachers protest. I have been thinking a lot about Oaxaca lately. As fall arrives and I am financial forced to stay in the states for Day of the Dead, I realize no money could get me their right now. Its an odd feeling. This is a place I have come to love and it most certainly feels like a second home. Mexico is one of those places that just captures your heart and I feel a sense of heartbreak and sadness when I think of what is going on there. The Washington Post artical about the situation is pretty complete. The polaroid to the left is from Fall 2004 when Remi and I went to Oaxaca for our second Day of the Dead trip in a row. We met up with Jane Tuckerman, our teacher and her class. Pictured is a photography student (Chad) from the Art Institute of Boston and a local villager in Teotitlan del Valle during their day of the dead celebration. We drank way too much home made Mezcal and coronitas and sat in the dirt next to buried bodies. I am sadden that this year Nov 1st, I will be here in the states instead of drinking with the people and photographing everything in sight. I miss you Oaxaca. Good Luck.

PS: for a complete list of articals and some youtube videos of Oaxaca, check out my account

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Ron Mader said...

Thanks for linking to our feature on Teotitlan. Keep an eye on We'll be updating our directory of weavers and providing some traveler tips for those heading to Oaxaca.