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Sunday, August 13, 2006

a year later, sort of...

as summer seems to come to a close (maybe its just this fall weather we are having) it is making me think last summer and my departure from the lovely photo cave that was the new york post some pervese part of me misses it. the people i worked with were great and i have to admit, having free reign to search the system for pictures of tara reid with her tit showing and then importing them into photoshop and blowing them up to 3200% was indeed, too much fun for one office job. as i mentioned before, we sat in a cave. 3 girl photo editors and our perky summer intern jen who i miss dearly. we had a tv with cable so whenever evelyn didn't come to work and make us watch cnn, we spent the afternoons watching oprah and all sorts of other nonsense. the cave used to be the darkroom. we had a drain on the floor, grey concreat floors (the very same kind my old photo lab had... ahhh) and an industral sink. it was an odd set up. we had no neighbors except the photo studio and they were just as isolated and loud as us so it worked out. i got to watch the boys from murder ball wheel by my office and the cast of the fantastic 4. (anthony tells me her skin sucks in person btw...) so the perks were plentful. the pay UNREAL and the owner moral OBJECTIONABLE. having only had odd jobs here and there since my arrival in nyc, i knew i couldn't turn down a sick job like this, even tho rupert murdock pretty much signed my paycheck (and once said hi to me in the elevator). oh yeah, and i saw geraldo carrying a fruit basket out of the building one fine afternoon which for so odd reason made me laugh for a good half hour. upsetting that i never saw o'reilly tho. i think that would have REALLY made my summer. but its been a year since i got fired/hired/quit (dont ask, my employer was kinda nuts) and almost a year since i left new york itself. its an odd feeling. that city had so much potential for me. too bad i hated it. well okay, its a love hate. i now live in a suburban house with dogs and plenty of space and no rent. what a contrast. i was hoping for a middle ground. but city life isnt really in me anymore... but i suppose neither is suburban. maybe i just need to move to bacelona, sit in cafe's and enjoy what is left of my life. who knows. what will this post say next year?

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