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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

an announcement.

i am no longer crazy, sad, depressed or feeling pointless, hopeless or anything else that sounds shitty. i am thrilled to finally be feeling better after months of feeling less than okay. my back still SUCKS and i'm going to the brigham and womans fancy pain managment center tomorrow for treatment. woooo.

i want to go out and do stuff before summer is over. abby owes me a swim at the"club" asap. i think i also need to hit salisbury beach too. i also have the desire to take pictures again. thank god.

its been a bad few weeks but i have never felt better.


Anonymous said...

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vanessa.e. said...

woah! thats quite a comment someone left you there.... errr. But soo glad to hear your feeling happy and well! there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy!