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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Up and running!

After the recommendation of a friend, I decided to set up a shop. It sounded so easy! Well... it wasn't THAT easy (since of course I wanted it to look a certain way!!) but after some work, Vanessa and I have our bags for sale on While the extention leaves something to be desired, it will sooon just be instead.

I have sooooo much more to add as I am sewing my entire collection right now. Vanessa also has not put her bags up on the site yet so it is still a work in progress. BUT you can shop and purchase and pay all on this site. So its a real, working, online store!

Please check it out and support us. We worked hard, alright? ;)

1 comment:

vanessa.e. said...

i cant stop looking at our store. i can't wait to add more stuff. do you like how i added our websites to our bios? making a clickable link was not as easy as it should have been. but anyways, we rule!