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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Frames Galore!

It just started pouring here. The perfect cue that its time for bed. I have been frustrated and bored lately and my promise last month of polaroids to come has to be postponed. While at Walmart today (I only went for the doggy pee pad's its the only place in town that carries them!) I came across two 600 backs for $19. It was so tempting but with only around $30 in my account... not practical.

Instead I have been gathering up all of JW's mothers old frames to redo them. Most of which have ugly pictures of roses in them and are from home goods or who knows where else. I bought a can of spray paint and painted them all silver and they look AMAZING! Most of them are going to be used empty. I am painting our foyer "Cherry Cobbler" aka cranberry and since they are all different I thought I would just add them to the wall frame only since many are missing glass. One of them happened to be 16x20!!! so I used it to put a picture of Reilly laying on my bed in boston on a pile of records during a photoshoot that I have been dying to buy a frame for but never had the money. Here are the results. The quality sucks obviously because I'm photographing glass.

I also have new bags coming soon! I need double sided fusiable interfacing to make them and bought the sew-in kind instead so that is going to have to wait just a little bit.


vanessa.e. said...

well played can also refer to the rocords that reilly is sitting on oh so comfortably...

vanessa.e. said...

i mean records.