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Saturday, March 18, 2006

i'd like to say...

i took a lot of pictures on my last trip, but i didnt.
on my second day in mexico i got news of a death. the rest of the trip was okay but i just felt that my head couldnt get around taking pictures. im certainly not one of those dark and brooding photographers. news like that only makes me feel terrible. not creative. with that being said.. here is some digital stuff i did whist away. shooting some place like this using digital was interesting. i enjoyed it but the joy i had taking polaroids of little girls and their moms selling braceletts was way more entertaining. i guess i am just more of an analog type girl.

so here are some photos.

1 comment:

Ricardo Personna said...

hey, why don't you go back to Mexico you chahuahua sniffing gringa!